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2 Day Survival Course £199.00

• Survival Psychology

• Protection

• Shelter (natural e.g. caves, or building a shelter)

• Fire Lighting

• Signalling for rescue

• Purifying water

• Acquiring foods from the wilds

• Tracking (animals and humans)

• Survival Kit and gear explanation

• Safe use of knives, axes etc

• Finding the time of day with natural resources

• Basic navigation

• Planning and preparation

• Basic First Aid

• A kit list will be provided upon your booking confirmed

• Food is provided

• We offer a free transfer to and from Derby train station

  or RV near the Location.

• Anyone under 16 to be accompanied by an adult with

  a min age of 11 allowed.

• No Alcohol

special offer

Close Protection and Bodyguard Activity


This day is about learning some basic skills and drills on keeping your VIP alive that will be put to the test through various different scenarios. Teamwork, communication and observation skills will be high on the agenda as you plan and prepare your team throughout the day’s activities.


You will learn some basic conflict management, combat and pistol drills that will be used to keep your VIP out of danger.

This activity promotes good organisation, observation and communication skills while working in a team.

Outdoor Survival Activity


We teach you the basics for wilderness survival. How to build a camp and shelter, lighting fires, hunting and foraging for food are all included in the day’s events.


Jason Bourne Activity


For those that want a very different, once in a lifetime experience. This is a Tactical Combat and Pistol Course. You will travel overseas to our training facility. Here you will learn how to survive an armed close quarter battle. You will be instructed in how to use a Glock17 and a CZ75 9mm pistol. You will be taught through various practical scenarios that we can recreate in our indoor firing range. On average you will shoot 400rds of ammunition at various different targets, from different positions, behind different barriers. This activity is a big confidence builder. You must be over 18 and have an EU Passport.

We can design and build you a bespoke package that suits your companies and employees needs from any or all of the above.

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