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Firearms Course

Take a Pistol or Assault Weapon Course with us and you will recieve the best training that the UK has to offer. Using weapons such as Assault Rifles, Sub-Machine Guns and a 9MM Pistol.

Close Protection

Take part in our Close Protection Course, instructed by our specialist instructor. Go through subjects like Close Protection Foot Drill and Incident Management.

Our Combat & Firearms Instructor

Our Head of Training developed his own CQC system as a result of over four decades of participation and teaching CQC. The system has been adopted and utilised by SF Units Internationally. It is based around natural responses to action under stress conditions and not on attempts to change natural reactions to sudden or instant action. This state of conditioning can only be achieved in the way that you train or practice for these conditions.

The reality is that if you were compromised and have to react to an instant burst of movement in the form of an immediate aggressive action you will almost certainly react in one of the following manners, you will either flinch making yourself less of a target or you will flinch and leap away from the point of aggression. The Head of Trainings system of CQC as the ethos that it is to be utilised to surprise and use controlled aggressive action to enhance it, not to spend time on techniques that are tactically flawed, contrary to human reaction to sudden actions and that you are unlikely to be able to use in real combat with good results in your favour.

We offer the above system in the form of 2 day seminars. The cost is £95.00 for the 2 days and is held at our training facility in Derby. Please e-mail us for further information and available dates. The CQC system is especially suited to the Close Protection Officer and we recommend you attend a seminar before doing any CP Course.

UK Tactical Weapons Training

"2Day Tactical pistol Course in 9mm

Held on our Tactical indoor range in the Czech Republic.

4 days in Duration with travel, usually Fridays to Mondays.

Included is Flights, accommodation (b&b), overseas transfers, range hire, weapon hire, tactical equipment hire and 500 rounds of ammunition targets and instructor fees.

Not included are travel to and from the UK airports, food and refreshments.

Price: £1250.00

Escape and Evasion Experience

Have you got what it takes to evade capture in an urban and wilderness landscape? Have you ever wanted to pit your wits against a Special Forces trained hunter force? If so then our 2 day course is for you.

This course is suited to the complete beginner or someone who wants to refresh their survival skills. You will learn essential skills in Survival, Land Navigation, Camouflage, Methods of Evasion and Capture Protocol.

The course culminates in being on the run while being pursued by a hunter force and trying to avoid capture. If captured you will face interrogation and endure some hardship.

Required kit: Sleeping bag, bedroll, clothes to suit the climate of staying outdoors and any medication you require.

Arrive at out facility in Staffordshire at 0800 on the Saturday. Course finishes 1600 on the Sunday.

Price: £195.00

8 Day USA Firearm Basic Course Information

Duration of the course:
The trip is 8 days long, 2 days travel and 5-6 days on the range, depending on the students mental and physical fitness. Dates are to be confirmed.

£1800 deposit required to secure a place and flights. Balance payable 1 week before travel date
Invoice will be sent by email with payment instructions by BACS.

Visa requirements: You are required to get an ESTA to travel to the USA and legally shoot firearms. The Cost is $14.00 https://esta.cbp.dhs.gov/esta

Included in the cost:
Flights, Accommodation (Bed and Breakfast), Overseas Transfers, Range and Classroom Hire, Weapon Hire, Tactical Equipment Hire, Weapon Cleaning Equipment, Hire of Instructors, Targets and a total of 1500 rounds of Ammunition consisting of a mixture of 5.56mm and 9mm bullets. An NRA Certification on successful completion of the course. This is a pass or fail of practical and written exams.

NOT INCLUDED: Food and Refreshments, Medical and Accident Insurance, Visa Fees for the USA, Expenses accumulated in the hotel other than bed and breakfast supplied including room upgrades.

Flight Information:
Flights are from Heathrow or Gatwick. Economy seat and direct flight if possible to the USA. Students are required to make their own way to and from the UK Airport. All overseas transfers are supplied. 1 x 23KG Suitcase plus 1 x hand luggage allowed. Further information will be sent on further joining instruction.

A twin room for 2 students (same sex only unless booking as a couple), a minimum of 3 star Hotel, Motel or Guest House. Breakfast is included consisting of a continental buffet. A full list of available facilities will be on the joining instruction. Room upgrades are available at the student's expense.

Weapons and Equipment Included:
Safety Glasses and hearing protection, Full Auto m4 Assault Rife or equivalent in full bore 5.56mm, Glock 19 Pistol or equivelent full bore 9MM, 2 extra magazines for both, tactical belt, magazine holders, rifle sling, pistol holster, various paper and metal targets to compliment contact drills and vehicles and obstacles on the range.

Example of Course Syllabus:
Weapon safety and handling, weapon stripping and maintenance, introduction to M4 and Glock platforms, different loading and stripping drills, firing positions, target acquisition, weapon transition, several 1-6 man contact drills.
Please note this is a small sample of the course syllabus and not the full content. We teach weapon skills from close quarter contacts to long range contacts.

Own Equipment Required:
Sturdy footwear for outside uneven and possibly wet ground. Comfortable outdoor clothes clothes to suit the current weather conditions. Clothes for travelling and relaxing at the hotel. Own safety and tactical equipment if preferred.
Cameras are allowed to film at instructors discretion on the range.

Course Dates Still Available: 28/08 - 04/09/2017 or 04-11/09/2017
Any student wanting to stay for 2 weeks to complete an advanced course, the cost would be £2,600

8 Day USA Tactical Firearm Course

Book your place!

Just £1800.00 inc Travel & Accomodation
No Experience needed
Male & Female Welcome

Complete the small form below to book your place on the course.

Or simply call our bookings team
on 07885 803850.

Whats included?

The trip is 8 days long. 2 days travel and 5-6 days on the range, depending on the students mental and physical fitness.

  • Flights, Accommodation (B&B)
  • Overseas Transfers
  • Range and Classroom Hire
  • Weapon Hire
  • Tactical Equipment Hire
  • Weapon Cleaning Equipment
  • Hire of Instructors
  • Targets & Ammunition
  • An NRA Certification on completion.

This is a pass or fail of practical and written exams.

Equipment include:

  • Safety Equipment
  • Full Auto M4 Assault Rifle
  • Glock 19 Pistol or equivalent
  • 2 extra magazines for both
  • Tactical belt & Magazine holders
  • Rifle sling & Pistol Holster
  • Various Targets
  • Vehicles and obstacles on the range.